Zapper Testimonials

A word about our testimonials:  At the end of 2013 a plainclothes cop showed up at our door to deliver (serve) a letter from the Idaho State Attorney, who we were advised to contact immediately.  The gov’t official on the phone threatened to shut us down over the casual, single mention of the word, ‘cure’ on our FAQ page. 

I had used the word in response to a customer’s question and the context was that the cure rate for a specific illness was high with zappers, based on simple observation over the years.  I always stress that zappers are not cure-alls, of course.   We were extorted to remove that word but, at the same time, all of the cancer cure testimonials disappeared from the Testimonials page, which we assume was the result of federal gov’t hacking.  That indicated to Carol and I that the agenda to destroy our business is a federal one and that the Idaho Attorney was just being a stooge for the feds.  The parasitic pharmaceutical and medical cartels are directly threatened people like us and they have unlimited influence on the federal government.

We decided to stop adding cancer cure testimonials from our customers.   We don’t have free speech in America, any more.  Carol and I keep a motorhome in another state for such emergencies.   My good friend, Francisco of in Spain, and I also traveled to Belize a year later from Key West in our motorboat to demonstrate to this terrorist regime that we can do this business from abroad, if necessary.  

In 2000, the feds railroaded our main competitor in the zapper business into prison for curing cancer but, unlike us, he played by their unlawful rules and was a sitting duck.  The generations-old War on Healers, which has blazed a trail of destruction since the 1920s, seems to be losing steam as humanity steadily becomes more aware and accountable and even though we don’t have free speech censorship has been completely destroyed in the whole world.

World Without Parasites
Hello Don!

I had ordered a zapper from one of your distributors almost a month ago and my health has gotten dramatically better! I thought I better let you know how things are going and give you an update. I’ve noticed so many improvements that I hardly know where to start! I’ll try listing them out and making sense at the same time. Just for the record, I’m 41 and female.

My sinuses cleared up with a “ping” and a “whoosh” right at the 20-minute mark the first time I wore the zapper. That alone was worth the price of the unit! I haven’t been able to breathe out of both nostrils for over 20 years! But wait! There’s more! I’ve had warts and skin tags just fall off – no scars, no pain, nothing! My body doesn’t smell “funky” when I wake up in the morning anymore. The chronic yeast infections I’ve suffered from for over a decade are GONE! My belly button is clear (not constantly yeasty or raw despite medications, cleaning, etc), my tongue isn’t coated with a thick white layer of yuck like it always was, and best of all, my reproductive system is functioning normally again (for the first time in my life). My last period was only 3 pain free days (instead of the usual week of heavy clotting and cramps) and no PMS! Sorry – I know that’s probably more information than you probably wanted, but I thought this might help some other poor woman who suffers every month like I did.

I have no more acne, zits, bumps, cysts, or sores of any kind, anywhere, any more! My face is clean and fresh looking (this is a BIG deal for me!) And I sleep solid the whole night through. Ever since I’ve started wearing the zapper, I’ve experienced some very interesting dreams, by the way. My food and caffeine cravings have disappeared. My gums aren’t swollen or bleeding anymore. I have several crowns that I must be allergic to, but even the swelling and tenderness around those fake teeth have gone away.

And finally, the main reason I bought the zapper in the first place, was to get rid of the Hepatitis C virus I’ve carried around for approximately 16 years. I’ve worn it no less than 22 hours a day, 7 days a week since the evening of October 3rd, 2002 (with the exception of one weekend, see below). So far I’ve noticed that my energy has come back where I was always tired before. My eyes are clear and WHITE where they used to be yellowish and bloodshot all the time! I will have myself retested for the virus and get a viral load this Friday, the 1st of November. The viral load test will tell you how much of the virus is in your blood per ml. The last test I had done was back in March and my viral load was over 3 million. As soon as the results come back, I’ll email you to let you know. My hope is that the results will be “virus not detected” but I will still be happy if the viral load is cut in half. At least that means the zapper is getting rid of it.

I wanted to order 7 more units for my friends and family. My mother is a Type II diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. She also has severe, crippling arthritis in both hands and feet, asthma…you name it. I did loan the zapper to her over a weekend and she wore it in a sock, on her hand, overnight. She called me the next day so excited, she could hardly talk! She said that the swelling in her hand was down, it didn’t hurt, and she could make a fist! My mother hadn’t been able to do that or pick anything up with that hand for over 5 years! I know that she will feel so much better with your zapper!

My brother-in-law is a Type I diabetic. So you’ll have good case studies for both types of diabetes. My sister is diagnosed as a manic/depressive and takes brain drugs every day. I’m hoping this will get her off these.

I could go on and on with the remaining 4 people, but I know you’re busy and don’t have time to read what I’ve already written, let alone a paragraph on each of these people. The important thing is that I’ll have each of them track they’re experiences and medications. In the end, I’ll write you back with their success stories. Maybe one of their stories will help someone else decide to try the zapper!

Anyway, I wanted to order 7 units this Friday by credit card and I just wanted to check with you to make sure this was all right and that the price was still $65 a unit plus $5 for shipping. Let me know if anything has changed – that’s ok! : )

Thank you for changing my life!

PS... I've really enjoyed your Cb forum and have read almost every post there! My family and I are going to join the brigade and help heal this little corner of the planet. Do you know anyone in the northern ******** area that would be interested in coordinating efforts?