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A word about our testimonials:  At the end of 2013 a plainclothes cop showed up at our door to deliver (serve) a letter from the Idaho State Attorney, who we were advised to contact immediately.  The gov’t official on the phone threatened to shut us down over the casual, single mention of the word, ‘cure’ on our FAQ page. 

I had used the word in response to a customer’s question and the context was that the cure rate for a specific illness was high with zappers, based on simple observation over the years.  I always stress that zappers are not cure-alls, of course.   We were extorted to remove that word but, at the same time, all of the cancer cure testimonials disappeared from the Testimonials page, which we assume was the result of federal gov’t hacking.  That indicated to Carol and I that the agenda to destroy our business is a federal one and that the Idaho Attorney was just being a stooge for the feds.  The parasitic pharmaceutical and medical cartels are directly threatened people like us and they have unlimited influence on the federal government.

We decided to stop adding cancer cure testimonials from our customers.   We don’t have free speech in America, any more.  Carol and I keep a motorhome in another state for such emergencies.   My good friend, Francisco of in Spain, and I also traveled to Belize a year later from Key West in our motorboat to demonstrate to this terrorist regime that we can do this business from abroad, if necessary.  

In 2000, the feds railroaded our main competitor in the zapper business into prison for curing cancer but, unlike us, he played by their unlawful rules and was a sitting duck.  The generations-old War on Healers, which has blazed a trail of destruction since the 1920s, seems to be losing steam as humanity steadily becomes more aware and accountable and even though we don’t have free speech censorship has been completely destroyed in the whole world.

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World Without Parasites
Terminator Zapper
Just wanted to let you know my family and I  are amazed at the results we are seeing.  Like you said the scabies was killed off within the time period you said it would!  I must admit I'm still living in fear it will return.  But I am trying to embrace this new science, it really is a miracle.  To have a small amount of energy from the originator of all things, the Creator himself, to share it with mankind!  What a gift of love.  And thank you for continuing to help people in a very affordable manner to get there health back, such a miracle.  Thank you.

It is such a new way of thinking I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it.  But in the meanwhile my children are eliminating so many internal parasites that I can't believe it either, even my poor little 8 month old daughter.  She was the first of course, she is so little, and then the other children as well,  I imagine it will take some time to  purge the body of these things.   We  have the herbs to do the parasite cleanse on its way.

Well just wanted to let you know how things are going and to tell you thank you