Zapper Testimonials

A word about our testimonials:  At the end of 2013 a plainclothes cop showed up at our door to deliver (serve) a letter from the Idaho State Attorney, who we were advised to contact immediately.  The gov’t official on the phone threatened to shut us down over the casual, single mention of the word, ‘cure’ on our FAQ page. 

I had used the word in response to a customer’s question and the context was that the cure rate for a specific illness was high with zappers, based on simple observation over the years.  I always stress that zappers are not cure-alls, of course.   We were extorted to remove that word but, at the same time, all of the cancer cure testimonials disappeared from the Testimonials page, which we assume was the result of federal gov’t hacking.  That indicated to Carol and I that the agenda to destroy our business is a federal one and that the Idaho Attorney was just being a stooge for the feds.  The parasitic pharmaceutical and medical cartels are directly threatened people like us and they have unlimited influence on the federal government.

We decided to stop adding cancer cure testimonials from our customers.   We don’t have free speech in America, any more.  Carol and I keep a motorhome in another state for such emergencies.   My good friend, Francisco of in Spain, and I also traveled to Belize a year later from Key West in our motorboat to demonstrate to this terrorist regime that we can do this business from abroad, if necessary.  

In 2000, the feds railroaded our main competitor in the zapper business into prison for curing cancer but, unlike us, he played by their unlawful rules and was a sitting duck.  The generations-old War on Healers, which has blazed a trail of destruction since the 1920s, seems to be losing steam as humanity steadily becomes more aware and accountable and even though we don’t have free speech censorship has been completely destroyed in the whole world.

World Without Parasites
Well, finally, my turn…..I would like to report you a bit about the changes we see here since we started zapping.

First of course all that Hans has told you already, but more…

1. We al had trouble with intestinal worms. The kids and Hans took VERMOX for that, but I am with a new life and could not take that, so waited for the zapper. They were gone within 3 to 4 days! No kidding! They caused me a lot of pain in my intestines, which has completely disappeared.

2. Hans has trouble with his heart and was taking ASTORVASTATIN (a cholesterol lowering drug) on a daily bases, which he started to forget to take even. Only in extreme stressful situations he can still feel crampy. So I guess those worms are passed over too. He even looks younger and his face is less spotty.

3. The kids zap 20 min. a day and they sleep really peaceful for the first time in their life. My eldest boy is 11, our first boy is 5 and our daughter is 2. They sit waiting their turn and our boy can not even sit still for 5 sec. Amazing

4. My skin has always troubled me, I was born with cracks in my wrists and ankles, and I was so dry. Now whenever I do get a reaction of detox it is better the next time I zapped. Also I look younger and sometimes cannot recognize my own face.

5. the CIN3 that I mailed you about earlier is slowly disappearing. This I check myself regularly, so I have no med.-reports on that. But I think a human is not stupid, so I take my own observation as good enough.

6. Also, as long as I can remember I had thrush, which is absolutely gone and over!!! No more itch, no more pain etc. etc. etc.

7. Now comes the most beautiful. The cat. We do not know how old she actually is for she chose our family as her home (and is absolutely loyal to us, where-ever we move and we moved a lot) 5 years ago, when we came to Ireland. But we think she must be between 10 and 14. She was getting older by the day and since she is used to the countryside she had a lot of trouble with the electricity here in Boyle-town. She did not like the zapper at first. It was as if she was skeptical and wanted to see results. But after a few days we could see she was watching our auras and checking with the kids. We tried to lay it on her back, but she gave us the look of, how dare you do it for me. So she walked away in the way only cats can do. But suddenly a day later (Christmas-eve) our 5 year old decided that she should not be such an old drag and put it on her back while sleeping. She moved and it slipped of with the coins turned up. Somehow she made her mind up and went lying on top of it and stayed there for 2 1/2 hours. After that her fur was like silk and she could sit straight again. She jumped around like never, really never before and looks years younger. She plays with the kids again and eats less then before. Unlike the gulping as if not being able to get satisfied. She is more alert. Our daughter does not get a chance to be nasty to her anymore (as small ones sometimes are) and gets immediately a small motherly bite. Now tell us about placebo effect. Or do cats imagine things?????? NOT! So that is the biggest proof of all!

Y.S. Theresia

P.S. if you would like to place this as referral you can, man. Just keep zappin, just keep zappin, just keep zappin, zappin, zappin…..