Zapper Instructions

All zappers evidently destroy the entire range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms in the body by vitalizing their environment: blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, sweat, mucus, intestinal contents and even inside the eyeball.

There are more complex and abstruse theories and even a claim that only the blood gets electrified (I think ‘vitalized’ is more accurate) but the simpler vitalization theory seems more appropriate, according to my observations. Zappers also are a great deal more effective than some manufacturers realize.

Some of them advise odd protocols but we’ve found that the best way to use a zapper is to just wear it on the skin constantly while sickness symptoms are evident. Why not get the most from the device?

Our zapper is designed to be worn against bare skin, conveniently under the clothing. It can be worn on the shoulder, at the waist above the belt, under a bra strap, in a sock at the ankle, etc. Some attach a piece of hook-side velcro to the lid to help the zapper stay in place.

It doesn’t matter where you put it, unless you want to take advantage of the localized field effect to heal a certain part of the body, such as a toothache (wear it on the nearer shoulder). For genital herpes, wear the zapper on or near the sacrum. The field extends about a foot in all directions.

It’s not a good idea to wear the zapper on throat or face because that area of skin remains slightly acidic, so you’ll likely get stung after a few seconds. It’s impossible to do real harm with any battery-powered zapper but while you’re still acidic you may get stung if you don’t move the zapper to another location when it starts to itch or tingle. If you don’t, a tiny hole in the skin can develop from the acid in your blood. Vitamin E oil, applied daily to the hole with a small bandaid (plaster) prevents scarring. If you want to zap during sleep it’s best to wear the zapper on palm or sole because those areas will never be affected this way when you’re acidic. Zapping evidently alkalizes you within a few days, weeks or months, depending on several factors.

Even the most basic zapper is a powerful curative device. Carol and I distributed scores of these in Africa during several visits and found that they routinely cured AIDS, malaria and the hard-core illnesses and infections. Zappers also apparently neutralize some deadly poisons, including snake venom and spider bites.

At present, our zappers are generally considered to be the best on the market. We believe this is because we continue to develop and add new subtle energy (healing) components to them. We base these innovations on Carol’s inspired design and direction and on Dr Wilhelm Reich’s and other pioneers’ discoveries. The components section of this website contains a brief description and explanation of some of these components.

Everything we make is harmless and we’ve given away most of our other inventions. Those, and others’ creations, are described on and are offered by many manufacturers around the world. The vendors whom we know are reputable are listed in the lower right margin of EW’s homepage. is a blogsite where Carol shares information about how to create, combine and apply subtle energy devices to increase healing and awareness.

There’s a lot of confusion about the application of frequencies in electromedicine. This arose from an unfortunate misunderstanding and plagiarism of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s groundbreaking work.

The sole function of frequency in a zapper is to pulse weak electric current onto the skin to induce simple capacitance–a sort of ‘bleeding through’ of a tiny portion of that current, which is more than sufficient to vitalize all of the fluids in the body, instantly. All species of parasites then evidently lose their skin tension and disintegrate, simply stated.

A lower frequency seems to be a little more efficient than a higher one for skin capacitance, so we chose approximately 15 cycles per second, also because it produces a slightly pleasant sensation, which is good for the healing process.

We found that copper is a good electrode material and that silver and gold are slightly inferior, due to increased conductivity, etc. It’s impossible to transfer metal ions through the skin with weak electric current. If it were possible, the ions would be in the form of nutrients, which would be a plus, since we’re deficient in many trace minerals, including copper. To conduct metal through the skin would require so much electricity that the current would probably be fatal.

I suggest that if any scientific theory doesn’t make sense, then it should be ignored. There’s a boatload of fake science and silly protocols that got attached to simple electromedicine in the 1990s, unfortunately.

The Terminator and T-Rx use standard, nine-volt batteries. Alkaline batteries last for around two weeks with constant use. Some off-brand batteries are too fat to fit in the case but DuraCell, Everready and Energizer usually fit. If you get a fat battery, use a rubber band or tape to keep the lid closed.

It’s a good idea to test the zapper each time you change the battery. If you don’t have a voltmeter, just touch both discs at the same time, each with one moistened lip, while the light is flashing. With a fresh battery you’ll feel quite a strong tingle.

IMPORTANT! Changing the battery improperly will eventually break a wire. The way to avoid that is to push the battery clip off from the side with your thumb. PLEASE don’t pull the battery clip off by grasping the wires!

REPAIR FEES (place cash inside the zapper; leave out the battery)
Broken battery clip: US$15
Broken switch: US$20
Water damage: US$20
Repairs due to faulty material, damage in transit or workmanship are free and your first class postage will be refunded with the repaired zapper.

Contact for an address to send the broken zapper to. If you don’t get a response in a couple of days, try again–we get hacked a lot.

If you drop the zapper in water, immediately remove the battery and drain the water. It will likely keep working after that.

CLEAN THE DISCS occasionally with a paste form of copper cleaner from the grocery or hardware store. The built-up crud will insulate, otherwise.