UPDATE: I got an email from Georg Ritschl, who was my travelling companion in Uganda, after he saw Nathan’s testimonial online. Apparently, Nathan was using one of Georg’s zappers, which are a knockoff of our Terminator. I had taught Georg to make these and have promoted his website, Really, I think Nathan could have gotten the same results from a basic zapper, such as the cheapest one from My intention with taking zappers to Africa was to demonstrate the feasibility of the least expensive zappers for consistently curing AIDS, malaria and general tropical illnesses. Carol and I had only taken a few Terminators to Uganda, Kenya and Namibia and the greater number of basic zappers that we mainly distributed were getting the desired results. Meanwhile, I’m gratified to know that Georg Ritschl is earning a good livelihood, selling his products because this is how he finances his productive, large-scale climate-healing work in Africa, which you can read about on his site and on