Convenience, Safety and Some Subtle Energy Effects

The Zapper is quite small — similar in size to a pack of playing cards, or cigarettes. The exact dimensions:

2″ (W) x 3.75″ (H) x 7/8″ (D) Or CENTIMETERS:
5.08 (W) x 9.53 (H) x 2.22 (D)


Our zappers are generally considered by customers to be pleasant and energizing to wear and I think this is mainly due to the incorporation of subtle energy components with the zapper’s electrical circuit.  Some people feel slight discomfort while using zappers that don’t have subtle energy components but all  battery-powered zappers are absolutely harmless on account of the extremely low amperage.

Several researchers have increased the current of their units to address the body’s resistance. This “quicker delivery” of micro current can be more effective in the very short term, but is usually uncomfortable with few people continuing the zapping process.

Over the years, researcher Don Croft has developed several different methods to relax the body’s resistance – an example is a lower frequency (rather than increased current), which can be not only relaxing, but will also penetrate deeper than the original design.

Dr. Mary Tomanio, of Eliot, Maine, noted that the Zapper can actually increase the body’s own energy. This phenomenon can be heard through an amplified stethoscope (available from medical supply companies). Listen to an area of the body with the stethoscope before and after placement of the Zapper. You will immediately “hear” the difference.

Croft has had a great many responses confirming that this design — with the addition of subtle energies such as crystals, magnets, and orgone; and the inconspicuous size, has made the Zapper pleasant and energizing to wear.

In fact, quite a few Zapper units are loaned to individuals who already own other micro current products. The ease of use combined with the Zapper’s ability do the job and then some, has “sold” users of many other expensive and complicated models!

Some care needs to be taken initially, though, as the Zapper tends to increase the body’s elimination process. This will happen especially through the skin and mucous membranes. After this phase “passes”, the Zapper can be worn as much as is desired.

Another noted increase was that of consciousness or a clearer thinking process. If the body isn’t dealing with the ravages of parasites, it isn’t difficult to imagine or to think “bigger” thoughts.