Alzheimers Update

I rarely hear from medical doctors and when an MD buys a zapper it’s usually, evidently, just for personal use.  This doctor bought a zapper a couple of weeks ago to see if it would relieve his mother’s Alzheimers condition and the initial results were so encouraging that he bought 8  more Terminators and a T-Rx, along with a couple of pieces of Carol’s orgonite. He’s going to see if using two or three zappers on her will speed her recovery and I’ll post an update since this is the first time a customer has given me more than cursory feedback about using zappers for Alzheimers.  Past customers gave positive feedback but it was not conclusive so this is a great opportunity to get concise feedback.   I found over the years that when people get well they generally just stop corresponding with me, though ;-)

Some months ago, five naturopaths were allegedly murdered on account of sharing a cure for Alzheimers but I haven’t seen corroborative evidence that they even existed so I wonder if it was a scam. If you have direct or nearly direct info about that, please contact me at  If there really is an inexpensive, easy-cure product I want to promote it. If zappers are an easy cure I’ll promote that, too.

Here’s his latest update:

Hi Don:

Thanks again for the zapper info.  Each day, I am amazed by its effects on the body.  My mother is slowly becoming more alert and responsive.  She is starting to speak sentences.  Her bowel movements have become much larger, which I believe is the result of more toxins and pathogens being eliminated.
I suggested to him that using zappers appears to promote the growth of aerobic, beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and that my own colon health, when I started using zappers at age 49 in 1996, was atrocious but that it’s pretty normal now, which experts claim is impossible.


The website’s caveat about the T-Rx


Hi Don, Huge fan of you & Carol! Thanks for your recent trip to NY/NJ area & all the gifting you have done in the past and just recently here in Jerz. I DEFINITELY noticed extra blue, scrubbly clean clear skies the next day. I would have gone to your talk in Philly had i known. Orgonite has changed my life in so many good ways.

Anyway, i know ur busy but just a quick Question regarding which Zapper to get. I’ve been using the $35 basic zapper from a few months ago and i love it. I don’t have anything pin-point-ably wrong with me, but i definitely have felt “parasitey”: tired, bloated, low-energy, foggy brained& weird cuts & lumps that didnt heal. A combination of orgonite, prayers, and Miracle II has helped immensely me and this basic zapper has pushed me over the edge as far as energy & just general “good” feeling.

I want to get a better Zapper- im not sure which to get: the TRex or Terminator. The copy suggests that the TRex is the “advanced” one for those familiar with the energy of the Zapper. Im not sure what is meant by that regarding which group Im ? Am i The Novice because I’ve only used the Basic CTbusters zapper (& only for a short time) & not the Terminator? or “Advanced” just because i _have_ used a Zapper, albeit a Basic one. I HOPE THAT Made SENSE :p

Thanks again for everything – u guys are awesome.
Best Terre


Thanks a lot for your kind words, Terre. I didn’t do any orgonite field work on that trip except some earthpipes across Long Island Sound and around Plum Island, part of the Montauk underground complex, but at least you’re noticing the positive changes around you ;-).  On the day I gave the talk at Arnold’s Way I photographed a ‘rainbow Sylph’ over New Jersey. I’d never seen one of those.  When I’m flying my little aircraft near the clouds in an area that has a lot of orgonite in it I often see lovely colors in clouds that are near the sun so I assume that’s related to the unusual Sylph.



I had visited my friend, Marco, in New Jersey, who is responsible for the recent, well publicized clearing and vitalizing of the water along most of New Jersey’s coast, recently. He’s been doing orgonite field work in and around NJ for 15 years and a few others have also contributed to that success, of course.



The caveat on our site regarding the T-Rx is to discourage emotionally unbalanced people from buying them and that’s only because the T-Rx makes them feel just a teeny bit out of control, initially, and they usually get angry about that and demand a refund.  It’s a harmless device, of course, but it has stronger healing, restorative and detox potential than the Terminator, that’s all.   There’s really no problem for anyone to start using a T-Rx and wear it constantly, according to our simple instructions.



I understand your reluctance but we’re all novices at this stage and everything we make is harmless, so there’s no risk involved.  People with control issues seem to feel that it’s possible to have too much happiness but we vigorously disagree ;-)