Weapons of disinformation

I think that most of our customers are disgusted with the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, perhaps on account of being savaged by incompetent medical doctors.  I don’t often hear from people who feel that they need a MD’s endorsement before buying a zapper and in fact I’m reluctant to sell a zapper to someone like that because I prefer to deal with people who feel accountable for their own health.

Anyone in the healing trade who empowers people to heal themselves risks imprisonment or murder and this has been true since the 1920s or so, after syndicate money had taken over all of the medical schools and began suppressing information about reversing serious illnesses.  There’s a long list of pioneers and healers who have been destroyed.  One of them who we owe much of our success to was Dr Wilhelm Reich.

After the internet became established it became harder for the medical/pharmaceutical cartel and syndicate to destroy people like us but their primary weaponry has now become coordinated disinformation, slander and fearmongering.

Before zappers came along, which happened at the same time that the internet became established, this syndicate had essentially destroyed three similar healing technologies:  magnet therapy, ozone therapy and colloidal silver.  Some of the pioneers of those therapies were railroaded into prison on false charges, as Dr Reich was in 1955.