Epstein-Barr Virus?

I added the question mark because I always feel suspicious about MDs’ diagnoses.  In many cases of chronic sickness the symptoms seem to have more to do with organ damage than with the presence of a virus or other living pathogen.  Most naturopaths are no better at diagnosis, unfortunately.  Dr von Peters, a close associate who has been selling our zappers for almost 20 years, is one of the few remaining old-school naturopaths, which is to say that he cures people instead of just treating them.  He specializes in curing chronic sufferers, in fact; the ones every other doctor has given up on.  That typically involves restoring the affected vital organs and he works through the mail, based on a hair sample. His physician website is drvon@uncurable.com and his product site is lifequestformulas.com. He works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample and questionnaire.

I got the following testimonial from a friend in Mississipi, whose aunt was evidently sick from the effects of a living pathogen:

When we got here my aunt told me she had epstein barr virus. I told her about the zappers and let her use mine. She has been wearing it all night for about the last 7 weeks. She went to the doctor last week and they told her the virus was gone. She is amazed. They have been unsuccessfully treating her for several years. In 6-7 weeks or probably even less she was cured using the zapper. She feels much better too and has a lot more energy. She’s also in a lot less pain.


Alzheimers Update

I rarely hear from medical doctors and when an MD buys a zapper it’s usually, evidently, just for personal use.  This doctor bought a zapper a couple of weeks ago to see if it would relieve his mother’s Alzheimers condition and the initial results were so encouraging that he bought 8  more Terminators and a T-Rx, along with a couple of pieces of Carol’s orgonite. He’s going to see if using two or three zappers on her will speed her recovery and I’ll post an update since this is the first time a customer has given me more than cursory feedback about using zappers for Alzheimers.  Past customers gave positive feedback but it was not conclusive so this is a great opportunity to get concise feedback.   I found over the years that when people get well they generally just stop corresponding with me, though ;-)

Some months ago, five naturopaths were allegedly murdered on account of sharing a cure for Alzheimers but I haven’t seen corroborative evidence that they even existed so I wonder if it was a scam. If you have direct or nearly direct info about that, please contact me at doncroft@crystalinsights.net.  If there really is an inexpensive, easy-cure product I want to promote it. If zappers are an easy cure I’ll promote that, too.

Here’s his latest update:

Hi Don:

Thanks again for the zapper info.  Each day, I am amazed by its effects on the body.  My mother is slowly becoming more alert and responsive.  She is starting to speak sentences.  Her bowel movements have become much larger, which I believe is the result of more toxins and pathogens being eliminated.
I suggested to him that using zappers appears to promote the growth of aerobic, beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and that my own colon health, when I started using zappers at age 49 in 1996, was atrocious but that it’s pretty normal now, which experts claim is impossible.


Diabetic Neuropathy


Hi Don, I gave my mom my Zapper in hope of helping helping her Diabetic Neuropathy(morning foot pain.) She wore it over her sole with sock over it when she went to bed and in the morning she had NO foot pain!! After ONE night! I can’t tell you the joy this brings me. Thank you! My mom loves it and wears it every night now, but she asked me shouldn’t she wear one on each foot, not just the one? (I wouldn’t thinkso because the foot pain disappears in BOTH feet when she only wears it on ONE foot!) Look I know she loves the Zapper and wants to wear another one but I don’t want her to have any problems of too much of A good thing.

Have people used 2 at a time? Is this inadvisable ?
Thanks again for all you do and have done!



Thanks for the terrific testimonial, *****, and I’m happy for your mom.

There’s no harm in wearing a dozen zappers at once, don’t worry, but also perhaps no particular benefit, either.


I only know of one case in which someone clearly benefitted from wearing two and that person made faster progress recovering from multiple sclerosis when two were being worn. I don’t know why.

Carol, my wife, typically wears two T-Rx zappers when she sleeps but I can’t tell whether she’s benefitted from it. I think she likes how it feels, rather.

Everyone benefits from wearing a zapper, of course.  If you can’t afford another one of ours, why not get a $35 basic zapper from our friend, Andy, at ctbusters.com for yourself?


Chicken Zapping

Hiya, Don.
You asked that I let you know how it went with [zapping] our chicken who had bumblefoot.  I give you the headline first:  a smashing success! 

What’s the purpose of that block in the zapper?

A customer in NZ lost the orgonite block from his Terminator zapper but noticed that the zapper still worked.    I asked him to send the Terminator back to me so I can put a new block in–I use a flexible, thick sort of glue (Goop) that can’t be found outside N America.

During our correspondence I mentioned that this orgonite evidently has strong healing potential and that it seems to work synergistically with the other subtle energy elements and the circuit.  I began adding subtle energy elements to my zappers in late 97 because the basic zapper that I began building and selling in 1996 was not fixing some common but severe health problems.  I used genital herpes (which looks to me like the most virulent infectious disease) as the ‘test disease’ since so many of my new customers reported suffering from that.  When I reached the present configuration of subtle energy elements in the Terminator the success rate was essentially 100%, according to customer feedback.

That was completed in late 1999 and after Carol and I got together in 2000 we improved the device many times but never changed the basic configuration of subtle energy elements.  The T-Rx model is mostly the same as the Terminator but it includes a caduceus coil with 17 gems attached, which I cast in the orgonite block.  Carol designed that element in 2010 or so.  The T-Rx also has a stronger magnet and stronger mobius coil in it, also different metals in the orgonite block.

I charge $20 (cash) for all repairs and he kindly offered to send more cash to cover the postage.

The idea of subtle energy tech is apparently new to him and he asked for an explanation, which I’m copying  below.  Since it’s probably impossible to explain subtle energy but easy for most people to experience it this response might seem like rambling to some:


Thx for offering more money and I never refuse a gift but $20 covers it, Mike, don’t worry.

The piece is called, ‘orgonite,’ and we like that name because we like to honor Dr Wilhelm Reich, who pioneered the technical aspect of healing with subtle energy, which he called, ‘orgone.’  You can see how we use orgonite for ‘macro’ healing in the reports on ethericwarriors.com, our extracurricular effort.  Our African associates seem to have the most affinity to this material, as you may notice, there.

Even though what we’re all doing is quite newsworthy you won’t likely see it mentioned in the news until some time in the future, when the media are no longer able to ignore it.   As has been happening in Spain, the media will first probably ridicule it.  There have been isolated positive news events–Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia–and when three of our cohorts were thrown in jail in Mozambique for tossing some orgonite in a reservoir on the Zambezi River, a French reporter called me and we were on the phone for about an hour, then his very short report was in an English-language paper in UAR and it included, ‘Don Croft says that the only thing those men are guilty of is littering.’ ;-)

If you do a search on the word, ‘orgonite,’ the NSA (that parasitic organization owns the search engines) will send you to their own disinformants but it’s axiomatic, these days, that if one is hoping to find truthful information about anything, one will need to dig deeper than the first page of links that a search engine puts in front of us.  The parasites who run the world are no longer capable of censorship, so they spend a lot of effort on misdirection and disinformatino.  The ubiquitous  and costly ‘free’ WiCIApedia is a case in point, I think.

Nobody can really say how orgonite works but, also, nobody can really say how electricity and magnetism work but the existence of subtle energy is flatly denied by the Chuch of Settled Science and those of us who work with orgonite have had to learn about this essential scientific dynamic through our own efforts and simple observation.  I think that most of Tesla’s inventions are subtle-energy based and a way of approaching subtle energy may  be to assume that it’s the matrix from which matter and energy are created.  ‘Subtle’ doesn’t mean, ‘weak,’ of course.  Some of us like to call this, ‘ether,’ but other names for it are ‘ch’i’ and ‘prana.’

The website’s caveat about the T-Rx


Hi Don, Huge fan of you & Carol! Thanks for your recent trip to NY/NJ area & all the gifting you have done in the past and just recently here in Jerz. I DEFINITELY noticed extra blue, scrubbly clean clear skies the next day. I would have gone to your talk in Philly had i known. Orgonite has changed my life in so many good ways.

Anyway, i know ur busy but just a quick Question regarding which Zapper to get. I’ve been using the $35 basic zapper from CTbusters.com a few months ago and i love it. I don’t have anything pin-point-ably wrong with me, but i definitely have felt “parasitey”: tired, bloated, low-energy, foggy brained& weird cuts & lumps that didnt heal. A combination of orgonite, prayers, and Miracle II has helped immensely me and this basic zapper has pushed me over the edge as far as energy & just general “good” feeling.

I want to get a better Zapper- im not sure which to get: the TRex or Terminator. The copy suggests that the TRex is the “advanced” one for those familiar with the energy of the Zapper. Im not sure what is meant by that regarding which group Im ? Am i The Novice because I’ve only used the Basic CTbusters zapper (& only for a short time) & not the Terminator? or “Advanced” just because i _have_ used a Zapper, albeit a Basic one. I HOPE THAT Made SENSE :p

Thanks again for everything – u guys are awesome.
Best Terre


Thanks a lot for your kind words, Terre. I didn’t do any orgonite field work on that trip except some earthpipes across Long Island Sound and around Plum Island, part of the Montauk underground complex, but at least you’re noticing the positive changes around you ;-).  On the day I gave the talk at Arnold’s Way I photographed a ‘rainbow Sylph’ over New Jersey. I’d never seen one of those.  When I’m flying my little aircraft near the clouds in an area that has a lot of orgonite in it I often see lovely colors in clouds that are near the sun so I assume that’s related to the unusual Sylph.



I had visited my friend, Marco, in New Jersey, who is responsible for the recent, well publicized clearing and vitalizing of the water along most of New Jersey’s coast, recently. He’s been doing orgonite field work in and around NJ for 15 years and a few others have also contributed to that success, of course.



The caveat on our site regarding the T-Rx is to discourage emotionally unbalanced people from buying them and that’s only because the T-Rx makes them feel just a teeny bit out of control, initially, and they usually get angry about that and demand a refund.  It’s a harmless device, of course, but it has stronger healing, restorative and detox potential than the Terminator, that’s all.   There’s really no problem for anyone to start using a T-Rx and wear it constantly, according to our simple instructions.



I understand your reluctance but we’re all novices at this stage and everything we make is harmless, so there’s no risk involved.  People with control issues seem to feel that it’s possible to have too much happiness but we vigorously disagree ;-)

Zappers for Lyme Disease?


Hi Don, I am really excited to receive the zapper I just purchased the testimonials are wonderful, many people are getting healed.  How many hours do you think someone should start at day for Lyme’s disease for example.  I have other issues as well but a lot of co-infections is what I am dealing with.   Thank you for your time.

warmly, G***

G***, I think that most people who are told that they have Lyme disease are simply misdiagnosed.  Real Lyme sufferers are rarely cured with just a zapper because the reason they’re sick is that some of their vital organs have apparently become ineffective and the only cure is to restore those damaged organs.
The Lyme endemic suddenly started spreading in the early 1980s when a new bioweapon had been developed at the gov’ts labs near Lyme, Connecticut.   We can assume that ticks didn’t suddenly become toxic at that time and many of these targeted people live in regions where there are no ticks, of course.  There are probably a score of similar biological weapon campaigns against the population by the government but none of that is being done on a large scale any more, thankfully.  I think that most people who are sick can get well by weaning themselves from the corporate, weaponized food supply.
I always hope that people will follow the simple instructions that come with the zappers and wear it more or less constantly for the first month.  These devices are absolutely harmless, after all, and the more they’re used, the more benefits one is likely to experience.  Carol and I still typically keep zappers in our palms each night when we’re asleep. We feel that during those hours the body especially benefits from our zappers’ evident restorative properties.
If you use any zapper for a day or so and feel better or at least no worse than before, then you probably don’t have Lyme sickness and are perhaps already recovering. If you feel worse than before, after a couple of days of zapping, then you may have Lyme sickness or a related chronic condition and ChemBuster, from Dr von Peters’ product site, lifequestformulas.com, probably has a 50% chance of restoring those damaged organs.  If not, then he’s developed a good reputation for curing chronic conditions like these and he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample. I always recommend trying ChemBuster first.  His email is drvon@uncurable.com

Joining the international orgonite forum, ethericwarriors.com

The vast majority of people who do this field work don’t tell about it and sometimes they do entire states and countries on their own.  If you’re seeing Sylphs in your sky it probably means someone’s done a lot or is doing so.  It’s a good idea, by now, to determine which death towers are still harming people but if you’re a dowswer I think you can easily make that determination.  I was never involved with that community so the names are not familiar but I know there have been good ones and I’ve known a few.

Part of doing the field work is to be as objective as we can with our observations, before and after.  People who subscribe to fear porn on the internet are more likely to ignore positive signs, for example. It’s the same way that people who watch TV news and weather will ignore their own observations that are contrary to the doomsaying in that medium.

The only qualification for joining the forum is to have some orgonite field reports to share.  Otherwise, it’s a very diverse international effort so we refrain from preaching our personal ideologies and we’re generally careful to avoid promoting disinformation, there.

The Chemtrail Doc is Coming

Dr William von Peters, who has been buying our zappers since the 90s and has cured a lot of people who got damaged by biological weaponry will have an online presence as the Chemtrail Doc after he returns from Russia, where he teaches in medical schools a couple of months per year.

He’s an old-school naturopath, homeopath, herbalist and osteopath who typically cures people rather than just practice on them.  There are only a handful of these competent natural physicians left in the world.   His inexpensive remedy, ChemBuster, which he developed in 2002 at our request, has cured about half of the bioweapon-damaged people who have used it and when that’s failed he’s helped most of the rest who contacted him. For people who don’t live hear his home in Chattanooga he works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample.

Last week he asked for advice about counteracting the disinformation that has been targetting our and his businesses so I suggested getting a higher internet profile and presence.  The ‘Chemtrail Doc’ is his idea and I think it’s going to be a successful effort and will help a lot of people who had given up hope for a cure of their chronic conditions.

Many millions of people were sickened by the bioweaponry in chemtrails between 1998 and 2003 and a lot of them are still sick.  There are some lesser bioweapon agendae, including Lyme Disease and Morgellons, that still exist but on a much smaller scale and are evidently not spread environmentally.

New (To the Reader) Testimonials

Two years ago, the Idaho State Attorney threatened to prosecute us over the issue of my having used the word, ‘cure’ in the Frequently Asked Questions link to this website.  I had only mentioned the zappers’ track record in the context of certain illnesses and I think that the device’s pretty-consistent success with those conditions was the real issue.  The word, ‘cure,’ is a red herring; a red flag, if you will, that enrages agents of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, who can then induce government agencies to destroy the person who has used the word in support of a healing device or protocol.

Carol got on the phone with that government lawyer who had sent a local cop to hand us her threat envelope and we unlawfully agreed to edit the ‘offending document’ and to not sell any zappers to customers in Idaho.  Shortly after that, all of the cancer c*** testimonials disappeared from our website, which probably indicates that this was a federal/corporate agenda and not just an Idaho agenda.  We get hacked a LOT by NSA and CIA miscreants.  The photo of large, freshly killed (with a simple zapper during a colonic irrigation in 1997) intestinal worms has disappeared from this website many times, for instance, but we’ll get it back onto the homepage ASAP.

I’ve been collecting testimonials from our customers since 1996 but haven’t added any in the past year or so.  So our webmaster and close associate, Laura Weise (‘Dooney’ of donebydooney.com) advised me to add them, now. [Note from Dooney: You can submit a testimonial under the Testimonial menu or by using the link on the sidebar.] I hope you’ll enjoy reading them but please remember that it’s impossible to predict a certain outcome for anyone who starts using a zapper.  That’s why I vigorously promote Andy’s $35 basic zapper from ctbusters.com to all newcomers.  The chances are pretty good that if you discern any benefit from using Andy’s basic zapper you may experience more benefits from using ours.

Carol and I developed that basic model many years ago to distribute during our trips to Africa and most of the testimonials on this site came from users, here and abroad,  of that simple device.  I stopped collecting testimonials for many years and only started again a couple of years ago.  The testimonials we’ve just added are from people who have used our more expensive and more complex Terminator and T-Rx models.  All three models have identical circuits, so one can probably assume that the ‘additional benefits’ of the Terminator and T-Rx are due to the influence of the various subtle energy components that are in our two present models.  The T-Rx, by the way, seems to induce the body to more vigorously expel toxins and this might frighten some people, though it’s a non-traumatic and cyclic process that we believe is ultimately beneficial, assuming that the customer is not pollute himself faster than the body is able to clean itself.

Here’s a YouTube presentation of a little lecture we did when we were about to start selling the T-Rx model (the ‘Lamborghini’): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_tDkallLMI

We were still in the device’s field-testing phase at the time and got a lot of data from people trying it at this event.  We also got a lot healthier in the four years, since then, since we began including superfood and other recommendations from David Wolfe in our diet.  Carol and I have more energy, now, than we did when we got together fifteen years ago.

Dooney and her mate, Dr Stevo, are among a short list of our ‘real friends,’ and we look out for each other in interesting but lawful ways.  I subscribe to the old Persian dictum that ‘A thousand friends is not enough but one enemy is too many,’ but the world is run by parasites and I’ve always had the impression that these macroparasites are closely associated with the equally deadly ones in people’s bodies, which we presumably threaten directly,  so I wake up, most mornings, just grateful to still be alive and not in the largest Gulag Archipelago in recorded history (the vast corporate prison system in the USA, full to the brim with ‘enemies of the state’) on account of some success in the healing trade over the last twenty years.  I love our enemies but I don’t think that our antagonists, the corporate, parasitic world order,  love us.

Another dictum I’m fond of is, ‘Friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies.’  We and our close friends are harmless and benign but we’re streetsmart enough to survive (so far) and we network around the globe. Check out donebydooney.com to see how we humanely deal with our assailants.

Most of the pioneers in the healing industry weren’t so fortunate but their demise was much easier for the med/pharma syndicate to accomplish before ‘the whole world was watching.’