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A word about our testimonials:  At the end of 2013 a plainclothes cop showed up at our door to deliver (serve) a letter from the Idaho State Attorney, who we were advised to contact immediately.  The gov’t official on the phone threatened to shut us down over the casual, single mention of the word, ‘cure’ on our FAQ page. 

I had used the word in response to a customer’s question and the context was that the cure rate for a specific illness was high with zappers, based on simple observation over the years.  I always stress that zappers are not cure-alls, of course.   We were extorted to remove that word but, at the same time, all of the cancer cure testimonials disappeared from the Testimonials page, which we assume was the result of federal gov’t hacking.  That indicated to Carol and I that the agenda to destroy our business is a federal one and that the Idaho Attorney was just being a stooge for the feds.  The parasitic pharmaceutical and medical cartels are directly threatened people like us and they have unlimited influence on the federal government.

We decided to stop adding cancer cure testimonials from our customers.   We don’t have free speech in America, any more.  Carol and I keep a motorhome in another state for such emergencies.   My good friend, Francisco of in Spain, and I also traveled to Belize a year later from Key West in our motorboat to demonstrate to this terrorist regime that we can do this business from abroad, if necessary.  

In 2000, the feds railroaded our main competitor in the zapper business into prison for curing cancer but, unlike us, he played by their unlawful rules and was a sitting duck.  The generations-old War on Healers, which has blazed a trail of destruction since the 1920s, seems to be losing steam as humanity steadily becomes more aware and accountable and even though we don’t have free speech censorship has been completely destroyed in the whole world.


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World Without Parasites
Terminator Zapper
I'll try to keep this brief, but I have noticed so many benefits from my Terminator Zapper in such a short period of time, my head is spinning! So you know a little bit about me - I'm a 56 year old single male, retired at 53 and loving it!

About eight weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Blastocystis Hominis, a fairly common intestinal parasite. I probably had them for at least six weeks prior to diagnosis, based on how bad I was feeling. It took awhile to realize that something wasn't right. I was craving and eating mostly junk food because this is what the parasites craved. After eating, my stomach would be bloated and the contents would churn and churn as my millions of parasites were dining.

I currently do not have insurance, so $500 later in doctor bills and 7 days of antibiotics that did absolutely nothing to help the situation, except to make me feel worse, and I was done with traditional medicine. I hit my computer and I hit it hard - I had to find an alternate solution for my problem. Within 24 hours I had learned of and ordered the Terminator Zapper. And thank God I did. The results were nothing short of MIRACULOUS!

As soon as my zapper arrived in the mail (8-2-14), I put it on and wore it that night. The next morning I bounced out of bed like I haven't done in years! At the time, I didn't really notice that my back pain was nearly gone or that I had just "bounced out of bed". I was concentrating on my stomach, which was no longer bloated! I was ecstatic! I could not believe the nearly instantaneous results! I felt 100% better! After nearly eight weeks of misery I was literally stunned at the quickness that my Terminator Zapper took care of the situation. I wanted to dance in the streets!

In 2009 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back. I do not like taking traditional drugs, so I have become accustomed to daily back pain. It took me a couple of days to notice that when I wore my zapper at night, upon awakening I would literally bounce out of bed instead of moaning and groaning like I usually do. The pain is not entirely gone, but I would say about 50% of the worst pain is eliminated, or otherwise neutralized. Physically, I feel like I'm 25 again. AMAZING!

I live in Tucson, AZ and there is something out here that bites me around my ankles only during the monsoon months of July/Aug. The bites don't show up for hours after I get bit, which has made it very difficult to narrow down what is biting me. The itch is unlike anything I've experienced! I get huge red welts and the intense itch lasts about 3 days, making sleeping the first two nights nearly impossible as nothing seems to subside the itch. Later that same day, I noticed bites around both of my ankles - but no itch! Where is the intense itch? Gone. Non-existent even though I have the red welts to prove I've been bitten. Later that day I took off my zapper and forgot to put it back on. About 20 minutes after removing my zapper, both of my ankles exploded in one sudden RUSH of intense itching!! I immediately put my zapper on and after about 20 minutes, the intense itch once again subsided. AMAZING!

I've been wearing my zapper for six weeks now, 24/7 for the first 30 days as required for complete parasite elimination. In addition to the above, I've also noticed a couple other benefits since wearing my zapper. I'm much more "regular" in the restroom, even going back to before I got the parasites. I'm usually more on the constipated side. But not for the last six weeks. Things are moving more easily and regularly. Even better than when I take a laxative like Metamucil.

And lastly, I have one heel that is cracked, very painful and usually bleeding a little due to the dryness here in the desert. I will apply lotion daily to this heel. Even doing this, it remains cracked and painful. But since I've been wearing my zapper, I have not been having to put nearly as much lotion on, if any at all. The area that was always cracked and bleeding has heeled over with a rougher patch of skin. It's still cracked and dry looking, but there is no more pain or bleeding. It's been over 2 weeks since I've applied any lotion and the heel is doing just fine! Since I've done nothing else for this condition, I can only attribute this "repair" to my zapper.

I'm still on the lookout for other health benefits and will keep you posted if I learn of any. Needless to say, with my parasites gone, my back pain cut in half, no more intense itch from the bites, being more regular and no longer walking in pain… life is not just good, it's great!!

I also feel so much more confident knowing that there are alternate methods of healing oneself other than traditional "quack" medicine. I feel that my life has changed forever and in ways I couldn't have even imagined prior to finding my Terminator Zapper.

God bless you Don and your lovely wife Carol for all that you have done for humanity!