Epstein-Barr Virus?

I added the question mark because I always feel suspicious about MDs’ diagnoses.  In many cases of chronic sickness the symptoms seem to have more to do with organ damage than with the presence of a virus or other living pathogen.  Most naturopaths are no better at diagnosis, unfortunately.  Dr von Peters, a close associate who has been selling our zappers for almost 20 years, is one of the few remaining old-school naturopaths, which is to say that he cures people instead of just treating them.  He specializes in curing chronic sufferers, in fact; the ones every other doctor has given up on.  That typically involves restoring the affected vital organs and he works through the mail, based on a hair sample. His physician website is drvon@uncurable.com and his product site is lifequestformulas.com. He works affordably through the mail, based on a hair sample and questionnaire.

I got the following testimonial from a friend in Mississipi, whose aunt was evidently sick from the effects of a living pathogen:

When we got here my aunt told me she had epstein barr virus. I told her about the zappers and let her use mine. She has been wearing it all night for about the last 7 weeks. She went to the doctor last week and they told her the virus was gone. She is amazed. They have been unsuccessfully treating her for several years. In 6-7 weeks or probably even less she was cured using the zapper. She feels much better too and has a lot more energy. She’s also in a lot less pain.