Joining the international orgonite forum,

The vast majority of people who do this field work don’t tell about it and sometimes they do entire states and countries on their own.  If you’re seeing Sylphs in your sky it probably means someone’s done a lot or is doing so.  It’s a good idea, by now, to determine which death towers are still harming people but if you’re a dowswer I think you can easily make that determination.  I was never involved with that community so the names are not familiar but I know there have been good ones and I’ve known a few.

Part of doing the field work is to be as objective as we can with our observations, before and after.  People who subscribe to fear porn on the internet are more likely to ignore positive signs, for example. It’s the same way that people who watch TV news and weather will ignore their own observations that are contrary to the doomsaying in that medium.

The only qualification for joining the forum is to have some orgonite field reports to share.  Otherwise, it’s a very diverse international effort so we refrain from preaching our personal ideologies and we’re generally careful to avoid promoting disinformation, there.